As its some time since we talked about our sponsorship with Cats Protection and all the great work they do.

Our latest cat Lara has just moved into Pen 5 and is a real beauty. She is 13 years old and is housed at the National Cat Adoption Centre in West Sussex.

The good people at Cats Protection told us “Lara is a very friendly and talkative girl who loves attention. Once she gets to know you, she is a real lap cat and especially likes a tickle behind her ears or under the tip of her chin. Lara is a beautiful and confident cat who likes to play, especially with a catnip filled mouse. She also enjoys the outdoors and her previous owners have said that she likes to spend time lazing in the sun.”

We are not completely sure of the reason she came into the hands of Cats Protection, but she will be glad she has because they will soon find her forever loving home!

So if you want to get involved and sponsor one of their cats, it costs just £10 a month and you can sign up here.

Whether your cat is a rescue cat or not and lives in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire or Northamptonshire, then please call us at HomeFurYou on 01234 964069 and we will be delighted to look after your feline friends when you are away for a weekend or on holiday.