Just over 16 years ago, Martin and I arrived at the house of a Cats Protection foster mother in Stevenage and were greeted by the sight of five gorgeous kittens.  Following the death of our beloved Bob (a gorgeous ginger cat), the house felt empty and we needed to feel that void.  Having kept cats all our lives, we decided the time was right to contact Cats Protection.

The foster mother told us that the kittens had been abandoned in a cardboard box and were in much need of a loving home.  We were enchanted by the black kitten with the white chest and feet who found the laces of my husband’s shoes amusing.  Then a half black and white kitten snuggled up to me and we couldn’t decide on which one we adopt.  Four weeks later, we brought both sisters home. We then had the difficult job of coming up with their names.

My nieces ended up calling them Posh and Becks.  My youngest niece suffered from asthma and couldn’t have cats at home.  So living locally we agreed that each of them could have their own special cat when they came to stay.

We’ve been through so much together:

  • The break-up of our marriage, when we divorced and then got remarried (to each other)
  • Martin suffering from seriously high blood pressure – which we managed to tackle through exercise and diet. I remember the night Martin told me, we were both upset and the girls wouldn’t leave us alone and kept us positive – they just knew something was wrong.
  • Cold winter nights snuggling up by the fire or on the bed. Sometimes both cats take up so much room that we’re forced to move to the guest room.
  • So many more stories to tell

You can probably tell that because we don’t have children, the cats are our kids.  They are treated like royalty, have the best food, heaters by their multiple of beds and all this in a beautiful countryside location.

So here’s to the heart of our story.  We had just returned from holiday and Becks was cuddled up with us on the sofa.  I noticed that she had a hiccup at times.  So the next day we took her to our local vet, without expecting this to be anything too serious.

Find out what happened next in Part 2 of our blog – coming soon!