Cats Have Half Term Too!

Cats Have Half Term Too!

If you’re like us and you felt there were 537 days in January and the storms, snow and rain would never stop, well fear not – better days are ahead.

Half Term is far approaching and you might be tentatively planning a few days or a weekend away.

So what to do with the furry ones in your life I hear you ask? Well look no further, HomeFurYou is perfectly set up to look after your beloved felines in the confines of your own home.

We still have spaces over half term to pop in and feed your four-legged friends. Far better than putting them in an unfamiliar cattery. They will get tons of cuddles from us and we set up a what’s app group to update you with pictures and how they’re getting along.

So if you’re based in the Lincolnshire Wolds, get in contact with us and we’ll come and meet your precious ones!

The Hounds of Love – Their FurEver Home (Part 2)

The Hounds of Love – Their FurEver Home (Part 2)

Neil and Alper gave us the two hour warning and our nerves jangled. They’d left Sunderland and were on their way down to deepest Lincolnshire with our precious cargo. They worked for the most amazing company called Paws and Claws Transport Limited. Everything was taken care of – the paperwork, the pet passports and all the logistics. A five star service for the discerning pet rescuer.

After travelling through 11 different countries, clocking up 2,500 miles and dropping off almost all of their furry friends around the UK, only Cappa, Docia and Buttercup were left on the van. They’d barked their way from Guildford to Glasgow and managed to drop off the three cats early doors. Result!

It only remained for us to sit with Kitty, Alvin, Cludo and Dora, carefully explaining the significance of what was to come. The reaction was fairly ambivalent. There was some bum licking, some begging for dreamies and a bit of frantic litter gardening to be done. So we needn’t have worried.

ETA was 11:30pm and we were so excited. It had been six months to the day since we clapped eyes on Cappa and Docia. They were literally begging for scraps outside our hotel in this beautiful region of Turkey. I remember clearly Jules looking into Cappa’s gorgeous eyes and saying “We will never ever let you both down and you will come and live in your forever home with us”.

So fast forward half a year, half a continent and a lot of expert canine advice from our very own Fairy “Dog-mother” Leanne, the moment had arrived.

Neil stepped off the van and our family was complete. Cappa immediately threw herself on her back and had her tummy tickled by Jules. They say a dog never forgets an act of kindness and this proved it. She definitely remembered Jules and her promise.

We’d delivered on that promise and now the fun could begin. After wiping away the tears of course.

The Hounds of Love – Our Rescue Dogs are Coming Home (Part 1)

The Hounds of Love – Our Rescue Dogs are Coming Home (Part 1)

I still remember Jules’s face when she looked at me when we met the dogs outside our hotel in Cappadocia (a mountainous region of central Turkey (known for its spectacular scenery and stunning balloon flights that fill the sky with colour). It was that look that said ‘Houston, we have a problem – Jules has a madcap idea and we all need to get on the rollercoaster!’

We had been feeding the dogs for a couple of nights outside the hotel and we had fallen in love. Now if you’ve been following closely for the last seven years, you’ll know that we have always been batting for ‘Team Cat’ and we’ve never owned dogs. I may have even written the odd disparaging word about how cats are the supreme beings (possibly even aliens) – the master race and dogs are well, just a bit stupid. Yes, I said all of those things, but there was just something about these two. They looked into our souls and seemed to be pleading for a better life.

There are many street dogs in Turkey and it had affected us seeing this on our trip around the country. Thankfully, there are some very good people in the world who run shelters and rescue some of them – more on this later.

So, I remember Jules saying to Mustapha our lovely guide on our trip, ‘You must get loads of requests from holiday makers to take home rescue dogs?’. Mustapha, paused and with wonderful timing said, ‘I’ve been doing this job for 30 years and it hasn’t happened once!’

So, the plan was on. Mustapha said that if we could get the dogs into a shelter, he could help with a driver. We made a lot of phone calls over the next few days as we took in the sights of Troy, Gallipoli and back to Istanbul. We eventually found the amazing people at the Koycegiz Dogs Rehabilitation Centre, on the south coast of Turkey. All we had to worry about was how we got them there – just a mere 758km! But that was fine as we had our driver – Bulo, who had taken us to see the balloon flights.

Fast forward a week or so and the dogs had made the journey to Koycegiz and now the hard part began – all the health checks, jabs and paperwork required to prepare them for the journey. We knew this would take around four to five months to complete, but we received lots of pictures and videos to keep us updated. They were off the streets and they were thriving in the company of around 200 other hounds all waiting for their forever homes.

To be continued…..

Are you on HomeFurYou’s Christmas List?

Are you on HomeFurYou’s Christmas List?

It’s that time of year, the first frosts of winter, the crowds in the shopping centres and Santa planning his big trip in his sleigh.

Perhaps you’re thinking of a holiday away this festive season or staying with relatives? One of the biggest problems is leaving your beloved furry friends on their own. Who is going to look after them and give them those choice turkey off-cuts and a cuddle this season? You know they won’t be happy in a cattery as they want to be in their own environment. So, give HomeFurYou a call now on 07948973271 as we can make sure your princes and princesses are warm and being looked after.  Not only that, our prices for cat sitting and feeding are just the same for the duration of the holidays.

Jules and Martin are already practicing in their own sleigh,  to make sure that they cover all of the cats all over the world. Just click on the video here as they work out the route to cover the HomeFurYou cats in Lincolnshire this Christmastime!

HomeFurYou: Up and running in the Lincolnshire Wolds

HomeFurYou: Up and running in the Lincolnshire Wolds

After 7 successful years running HomeFurYou in Bedfordshire, we bade a fond farewell at the beginning of the year to our 154 customers, 300 cats, 20 guinea pigs, 10 rabbits, 2 hedgehogs, 1 tortoise and a stick insect.

Oh the stories we could tell about that time. The highs the lows (very few – mainly due to flooding and bad weather) and the adventures we had and the friends we made. You could almost write a book about it. Wait a minute – we have! It’s available on Amazon and called Telling Tails – Adventures of a cat sitter. Order your copy here.

Anyway, the time came to move house and to start a new life near the Lincolnshire coast. The boxes are unpacked, the garden is shaping up and so we’re now relaunching!

If you live in Partney, Spilsby, Hagworthingham, Alford, Burgh le Marsh or surrounding areas and have a cat or other small animal, then please get in touch. We cover your holidays, weekends away or just one-off feeds. We look after your furry friends and keep your house safe as well as providing regular daily updates with pictures and videos.

But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our many 5* reviews on Facebook or here on our website.

We’re waiting to take your call and make your getaway a stress free zone.

Don’t forget we throw in cuddles for free!

Martin and Jules x

A road trip with the rescue cats

A road trip with the rescue cats

As mentioned in the last blog, we have recently moved to the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds. Now moving house, as you probably know is one of the most stressful times in your life. But it wasn’t really the move that was worrying us.

We have recently acquired three rescue cats from the RSPCA – Cludo, Alvin and Dora. Cludo is nearly 16 with health issues and Alvin and Dora (both 12) have been in care for over a year and are extremely nervous of human contact. So, I hear you ask – why would you choose to take on three new cats before moving, why not wait until after you have moved in? Good question! Well, we did consult with the RSPCA and they assured us that it would be better to take them on before the move as they would have time to bond with us, making the move easier.

Well after a very long time on the day waiting for solicitors to do what they are paid for, we set off nervously on the two and a half hour road trip. Luckily we had employed our secret weapon – Jo of Jo’s Cat Care (we seriously recommend her services by the way!). We’ve know Jo for years and as an ex vetenerary nurse, there was nothing she doesn’t know about animal behaviour and care. Jo had advised us on herbal remedies and sprays to chill out our petrified pets and it seemed to have calmed them down.

Jo helped us scoop Cludo, Alvin and Dora into their carriers with the minimum of fuss and off we went! Nearly three hours later on a wet, dark miserable evening we arrived at the new HQ of HomeFurYou and unpacked three slightly spaced out moggies and we had done it!

Now, as the movers weren’t bringing all of our stuff until the next day, we had a great first evening in our house. There was nothing else for it – we opened a bottle of bubbly and the five of us started exploring our new abode.

The start of a new adventure had begun.

One thing’s for certain the future would definitely be cat shaped.