Our Gorgeous Becks – Simply a Miracle: Part 1

Our Gorgeous Becks – Simply a Miracle: Part 1

Just over 16 years ago, Martin and I arrived at the house of a Cats Protection foster mother in Stevenage and were greeted by the sight of five gorgeous kittens.  Following the death of our beloved Bob (a gorgeous ginger cat), the house felt empty and we needed to feel that void.  Having kept cats all our lives, we decided the time was right to contact Cats Protection.

The foster mother told us that the kittens had been abandoned in a cardboard box and were in much need of a loving home.  We were enchanted by the black kitten with the white chest and feet who found the laces of my husband’s shoes amusing.  Then a half black and white kitten snuggled up to me and we couldn’t decide on which one we adopt.  Four weeks later, we brought both sisters home. We then had the difficult job of coming up with their names.

My nieces ended up calling them Posh and Becks.  My youngest niece suffered from asthma and couldn’t have cats at home.  So living locally we agreed that each of them could have their own special cat when they came to stay.

We’ve been through so much together:

  • The break-up of our marriage, when we divorced and then got remarried (to each other)
  • Martin suffering from seriously high blood pressure – which we managed to tackle through exercise and diet. I remember the night Martin told me, we were both upset and the girls wouldn’t leave us alone and kept us positive – they just knew something was wrong.
  • Cold winter nights snuggling up by the fire or on the bed. Sometimes both cats take up so much room that we’re forced to move to the guest room.
  • So many more stories to tell

You can probably tell that because we don’t have children, the cats are our kids.  They are treated like royalty, have the best food, heaters by their multiple of beds and all this in a beautiful countryside location.

So here’s to the heart of our story.  We had just returned from holiday and Becks was cuddled up with us on the sofa.  I noticed that she had a hiccup at times.  So the next day we took her to our local vet, without expecting this to be anything too serious.

Find out what happened next in Part 2 of our blog – coming soon!

Cats Protection Update

Cats Protection Update

As its some time since we talked about our sponsorship with Cats Protection and all the great work they do.

Our latest cat Lara has just moved into Pen 5 and is a real beauty. She is 13 years old and is housed at the National Cat Adoption Centre in West Sussex.

The good people at Cats Protection told us “Lara is a very friendly and talkative girl who loves attention. Once she gets to know you, she is a real lap cat and especially likes a tickle behind her ears or under the tip of her chin. Lara is a beautiful and confident cat who likes to play, especially with a catnip filled mouse. She also enjoys the outdoors and her previous owners have said that she likes to spend time lazing in the sun.”

We are not completely sure of the reason she came into the hands of Cats Protection, but she will be glad she has because they will soon find her forever loving home!

So if you want to get involved and sponsor one of their cats, it costs just £10 a month and you can sign up here.

Whether your cat is a rescue cat or not and lives in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire or Northamptonshire, then please call us at HomeFurYou on 01234 964069 and we will be delighted to look after your feline friends when you are away for a weekend or on holiday.

Rushden Persian Rescue

Rushden Persian Rescue

This week we caught up with our new friends at the rather wonderful Rushden Persian Rescue.

Kimberley Smith, who runs the business with her mum takes up the story.

“The original aim of the rescue was to take in Persian cats that were in trouble. Since then the rescue has expanded and we now cater for any pedigree cat, although Persians always take priority. We were thrown in at the deep-end in January 2007 when we took in seven Persian cats (one heavily pregnant).

Since then we have had a steady stream of Persian and other cats come over our doorstep, which is highlighted by the fact that we now typically rescue/rehome in excess of 300 cats each year compared to less than a 100 cats in our first year.

All our cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, bathed/groomed, wormed and flea treated. Each cat will be taken to our Swanspool (our vets) in Wellingborough before being rehomed. They will have a full health check. Any abnormalities found will be discussed, recorded and advice given. Subject to the results of the health check, cats are rehomed, given four four weeks free pet insurance, and go home with food vouchers. New owners are given a list of “do’s and don’ts” and grooming tips.”

HomeFurYou is working with Rushden Persian Rescue to offer grooming to our customers’ cats, so please get in touch if you are interested in our grooming and cat sitting in Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire by calling 01234 964069. We will also be offering our time and help at the Rescue in the coming months as we think they are doing an amazing job!

Look out for more blogs from Kimberley here in the near future.

Meet Tinker!

Meet Tinker!

This month we would like to introduce you to our sponsored cat – Tinker.

Tinker is currently residing in the Cats Protection Pen that we sponsor and looking for a kind owner to take her on.

Tinker had a tough start to life and was kept in a harness, which even had to be cut off her when Cats Protection took over her welfare. After such a traumatic start she is naturally anxious around people, but is making real progress in our pen.

The good people at Cats Protection offer love and cuddles to many more vulnerable cats. They are given shelter, food and care to give them a chance to find a loving home.  Lots of people sponsor their pens and then others hopefully take on these cats, offering them the chance of a safe comfortable future.

If Tinker and her fellow rescue cats eventually find a loving family in Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire, then we will be delighted here at HomeFurYou to offer them cat feeding services when their owners are away. Call 01234 964069 for more info.

Cats Protection

Cats Protection

The Cats Protection League (CPL) is an amazing organisation that looks after cats throughout the UK. The animals come to the CPL through a variety of ways; either they have been neglected or abandoned on the streets or they are unwanted presents and have been brought into the local CPL re-homing centres. Posh and Becks our own cats came to us in exactly that way. They were abandoned in a cardboard box outside one of the CPL Foster Homes.

We’d love to introduce you to the cat we sponsor through CPL. Clarence lives in Sussex and was born with a painful condition that caused his eyelids to turn inwards and scratch his eyes. Left untreated he would have lost his sight. Thankfully the good people at CPL were able to ensure that vets operated on our boy and now his beautiful amber eyes are as good as new.

Sponsorship is a fantastic idea. CPL send you regular updates on their progress and pictures. They tell you where the cats live and best of all the great news when they are finally rehomed with someone who loves them. You sponsor a “pen” and when your cat or cats move on, another cat moves in and you follow their progress.

It’s brilliant and you can really feel you are making a difference. It costs just £10 a month to sponsor your cats and you won’t regret it!

To sponsor a cat please contact the CPL at www.cats.org.uk/

For more information about out cat sitting services in Bedforshire and Buckinghamshire, please call 01234 964069.