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Phew What a Scorcher! – Our Record Summer

Well what an amazing summer we've have! Record bookings, new customers and more miles travelled than ever before to make our feline friends happy. To be honest our summer has probably stretched back as far as Easter. The school holidays kicked in and we got down to business. In the month of August, we travelled…
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Cats boxing clever – why do they love cardboard so much?

No matter how many wonderful beds and toys we buy our cats they still love nothing better than getting in a cardboard box left around from unpacking our latest Amazon order. What is the attraction of these cardboard castles to our feline friends? Well apparently, the main draw for them is a feeling of security.…
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Why do Cats Roll on to their Backs? Keep Reading to Find out More

We noticed that our precious girls, Posh and Becks loved rolling around on their backs just asking for their tummies to be tickled. Martin and I had a chat about this and decided to research why they do this. Relaxation When Posh rolls over onto her back and shows her tummy, she is totally relaxed…
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