David, Raithby

Thanks so much Martin, Bert and Moll were so well looked after and you kept us informed with photos and updates which put our minds at rest. We will be in touch soon about our next booking thanks so much.

HomeFurYou: Up and running in the Lincolnshire Wolds

HomeFurYou: Up and running in the Lincolnshire Wolds

After 7 successful years running HomeFurYou in Bedfordshire, we bade a fond farewell at the beginning of the year to our 154 customers, 300 cats, 20 guinea pigs, 10 rabbits, 2 hedgehogs, 1 tortoise and a stick insect.

Oh the stories we could tell about that time. The highs the lows (very few – mainly due to flooding and bad weather) and the adventures we had and the friends we made. You could almost write a book about it. Wait a minute – we have! It’s available on Amazon and called Telling Tails – Adventures of a cat sitter. Order your copy here.

Anyway, the time came to move house and to start a new life near the Lincolnshire coast. The boxes are unpacked, the garden is shaping up and so we’re now relaunching!

If you live in Partney, Spilsby, Hagworthingham, Alford, Burgh le Marsh or surrounding areas and have a cat or other small animal, then please get in touch. We cover your holidays, weekends away or just one-off feeds. We look after your furry friends and keep your house safe as well as providing regular daily updates with pictures and videos.

But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our many 5* reviews on Facebook or here on our website.

We’re waiting to take your call and make your getaway a stress free zone.

Don’t forget we throw in cuddles for free!

Martin and Jules x

A road trip with the rescue cats

A road trip with the rescue cats

As mentioned in the last blog, we have recently moved to the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds. Now moving house, as you probably know is one of the most stressful times in your life. But it wasn’t really the move that was worrying us.

We have recently acquired three rescue cats from the RSPCA – Cludo, Alvin and Dora. Cludo is nearly 16 with health issues and Alvin and Dora (both 12) have been in care for over a year and are extremely nervous of human contact. So, I hear you ask – why would you choose to take on three new cats before moving, why not wait until after you have moved in? Good question! Well, we did consult with the RSPCA and they assured us that it would be better to take them on before the move as they would have time to bond with us, making the move easier.

Well after a very long time on the day waiting for solicitors to do what they are paid for, we set off nervously on the two and a half hour road trip. Luckily we had employed our secret weapon – Jo of Jo’s Cat Care (we seriously recommend her services by the way!). We’ve know Jo for years and as an ex vetenerary nurse, there was nothing she doesn’t know about animal behaviour and care. Jo had advised us on herbal remedies and sprays to chill out our petrified pets and it seemed to have calmed them down.

Jo helped us scoop Cludo, Alvin and Dora into their carriers with the minimum of fuss and off we went! Nearly three hours later on a wet, dark miserable evening we arrived at the new HQ of HomeFurYou and unpacked three slightly spaced out moggies and we had done it!

Now, as the movers weren’t bringing all of our stuff until the next day, we had a great first evening in our house. There was nothing else for it – we opened a bottle of bubbly and the five of us started exploring our new abode.

The start of a new adventure had begun.

One thing’s for certain the future would definitely be cat shaped.

Hello, Goodbye. HomeFurYou is on the move

Hello, Goodbye. HomeFurYou is on the move

HomeFurYou is on the move!

We have recently upped sticks and moved from Bedfordshire to Lincolnshire. But behind those words, lies a lot of sadness as we leave behind our beloved customers and furry friends. Over the last seven years we have looked after well over 150 customers and 300 plus pets and loved every minute. It’s always been the #bestjobintheworld and it will carry on being that, but with different customers and their fur babies.

So before we tell you about the relaunch of the business, our task over the last few weeks (amongst all the tedious box packing) was to inform our customers that we were moving on. The good side of that is that we have formed lifelong friendships with many of them and we will stay in touch. They have all been invited to the seaside as soon as they can make it!

We also left behind the lovely ladies that helped us make the business tick. Katie, Abi, Tina, Rachel, Gemma and Josie – we couldn’t have done this without you! Katie has already been to stay in our new house, looking after our three new rescue cats – Cludo, Alvin and Dora. And of course (sadly) we left behind Posh, Becks, Flo, Dylan and Atom; but they are forever in our hearts.

So on to that bright new future – we will be looking after pampered pets in Lincolnshire. Taking in such wonderful places as Spilsby, Partney, Alford, Hagworthingham and Burgh le Marsh. Situated on the very edge of the Wolds, we have certainly moved to an area of outstanding beauty.

So here’s to the next 150 customers and the next 300 their pets. We can’t wait to meet you!

Karen, Pavenham

HomeFurYou really is 5⭐️. Martin and Jules are so kind and dedicated to looking after animals. This was the first time we had them to look after our two cats and they went above and beyond with their care. We had daily updates and photos which is always reassuring. During their visits one of our cats became unwell and they cared for her as if she were their own. Nothing was too much bother and our cats were happy and relaxed when we returned. We will be using HomeFurYou regularly from now on. A huge thank you to Martin and Jules.