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Why do Cats Roll on to their Backs? Keep Reading to Find out More

We noticed that our precious girls, Posh and Becks loved rolling around on their backs just asking for their tummies to be tickled. Martin and I had a chat about this and decided to research why they do this. Relaxation When Posh rolls over onto her back and shows her tummy, she is totally relaxed…
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Our Gorgeous Becks – Simply a Miracle: Part 2

.....Following a chest scan, the vet called us with the diagnosis and we were totally shocked.  He advised us that there were black spots on the lungs and although he expected cancer, he couldn’t be sure until she went under the knife.  We didn’t want to do this with a 13 year old cat.  We…
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Our Gorgeous Becks – Simply a Miracle: Part 1

Just over 16 years ago, Martin and I arrived at the house of a Cats Protection foster mother in Stevenage and were greeted by the sight of five gorgeous kittens.  Following the death of our beloved Bob (a gorgeous ginger cat), the house felt empty and we needed to feel that void.  Having kept cats…
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Cats and Their Claws: Are They Faking it?

Our two precious girls are now getting quite senior and have decided that they are far too important to have to bother with their own grooming needs these days. That's why we troop them off to have their claws clipped every six weeks or so. We are far too nervous to clip them ourselves, so…
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