Jules & Martin

Jules and myself (the owners of the company) have always kept cats - Michelle, Blackie and Bob all hold special memories for us! And Posh and Becks are still with us and thriving as you can see from the pictures on this website!

In our corporate days, we were often away at short notice and contacted a number of cat feeding businesses to ask if they could help out. Time and time again, we were told that they couldn't help us for months, or couldn't do the days we required. Also, we wanted to know that our cats ("kids") were being well looked after with plenty of cuddles. All HomeFurYou staff are fully trained in giving out cuddles and police (CRB) checked. Although not qualified vets, we will always be happy to administer any medication under your direction.

And finally the small print; we are fully insured by PetPlan to look after your little darlings!

Please do get in touch, we'd love to hear from you:

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